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Our Story


Duku & Co. was established by Daniel Duku in 2019. As a young man growing up at the feet of design, Daniel was drawn to different ways of fashion and style. Growing up in a fashionable household, he was able to adopt a renowned sense of fashion, and had the opportunity of owning his first wristwatch passed down from his father. He got into the practice of designing and collecting watches. Daniel was always in the loop of latest trends in the watch industry, but the only problem was watches that were constantly spoken of in the market were incredibly high-end watches that the average man and woman could not afford. As his love for watchmaking continue to grow, his fascination around creating quality pieces for the average man increased. It is possible to have a quality product that does not break the bank, and can also stand the test of time.

Our Mission


Combining a long-lasting love and passion for watchmaking, Duku & Co. nurtures creativity and elegance with a profound respect for craftsmanship. At Duku & Co, we uphold "The time is now" to inspire people around the world to break boundaries, beat the odds and take on bigger challenges through the art of fashion. Changing lives and creating a positive environment is a key component of our purpose, and we're committed to accomplishing these objectives.

Our Method


Fashion is art, and we advocate it as such. The ever-growing impact of Duku & Co. is based on three main concepts: ELEGANCE, PASSION and QUALITY. We strive in making it our top priority to incorporate these in our manufacturing process. Moreover, the continuous search for the ultimate perfection and unrivaled quality, causes us to draw inspiration from different parts of history, modernization and art. Providing top quality is of the greatest importance to us, and that's why we hand-make all our watches in a dust-free plant. The importance of hand-making our watches is to ensure that we pay the utmost attention to detail, while making sure the ultimate precision is achieved. Materials used are imported from different parts of the world and assembled as a masterpiece to the people. Our company was initially formed in Philadelphia and currently cater to over 150 countries worldwide. We've created a partnership with the very best manufacturers in Italy, Switzerland, Japan and Hong Kong to support our brand and manufacturing process. These manufacturers have been around for over 20 years, so their expertise is unparalleled. However, we take 100% control over our designing in Philadelphia, United States.


We control 100% of our design process


We rely on our in house knowledge for the latest innovation in the market.


Join us as we continue to make our way through the industry and establish our footprint and objectives.

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