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Silver and White Stainless Steel Watch from Duku & Co.

How to Accessorize Your Outfit for a Date

Piecing together an outfit for a date can often be both exciting and nerve-wracking. You can easily find yourself second-guessing everything, including the accessories and outfit you chose, after frantically spending the whole day scrolling through Pinterest boards. After all, you want to make a great impression without looking like you anguished for hours over your style

That's why you need to learn the basic rules for accessorizing. They will help you bring out the best features of your wardrobe by instantly adding new energy to your staple pieces while expressing your style and personality. If you're unsure where to start, here are some tips to guide you. 

1. Choose Your Signature Accessory 

You can easily get overwhelmed when choosing accessories for a date. While you might want to bring out every one of your pretty accessories, you will look more put together with one or two statement pieces. Pick any accessory that makes you feel great and goes well with almost any outfit in your closet. 

Once you have your signature accessory, you can create balance by layering it with more subtle pieces. For instance, you can strap on your Stainless Steel Watch as your signature accessory and then further layer it with an Elegant Cuff Bracelet. 

2. Create a Balance with Your Accessories 

While accessorizing is fun and adds glamor to your outfit, it's crucial to strike a balance between the items you choose to create your look. Scale your accessories to your overall body size. On top of that, consider what might look too obvious and what might be too much. 

And while at it, try glam up your outfits with accessories that feel good and look good on you. Also, consider the location of your date and the time of the day. Keep in mind that some restaurants can have a strict dress code. 

3. Pay Attention to Patterns and Colors 

If you have a simple, possibly monochrome outfit, accessories are the best way to add a pop of color. You don't have to have prints and bright colors in your wardrobe if that doesn't align with your personal style. Instead, you can throw on some fun and vibrant accessories like belts, shoes, and scarves to elevate your style. 

4. You Don't Have to Match Your Accessories 

While it can be tempting to be all matchy-matchy, in most cases, it can come off as conservative rather than fashionable. So, if you're unsure which color shades would go well together, start with one accessory, then combine other shades for daring and vibrant color combinations.

5. Choose Accessories That Enhance Your Features

Accessories give you the opportunity to highlight your best features. Pairing the right accessories with your outfit can accentuate your eyes, calves, arms, and so on. For instance, a scarf that matches your skin tone will make your eyes appear brighter. 


In Summary 

As we can see, when creating a style for a date, accessories are the second most important items to consider. While all outfit aspects are crucial, accessories tend to draw more attention than you think. A nice watch, for instance, will always be one of the best ways to express your personality subtly. On top of that, always remember; if you want to attract a quality partner, you must look the part. 

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