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How To Choose the Perfect Watch Size for Your Wrist

Balance is vital, especially when it comes to men's fashion. Everything must look harmonious, whether it's the fit of your jacket, the width of your pants, or the length of your shirt. The same applies to the watch size a man wears in relation to their wrist size. No one likes seeing a loosely hanging wristwatch, no matter how expensive.  

Unfortunately, finding the right watch size for your wrist can be a bit tasking. Along with your individual style, you need to pay attention to several other factors to find the perfect watch size. So, what factors do you need to consider when choosing the ideal watch size for you? Read on to find out!

Watch Case Diameter

The ideal watch diameter is always a steamy debate among watch lovers. That's because everyone wants to wear a watch according to their own personal style. However, several guidelines could help you pick a more or less proportional watch case diameter size. 

That will help you find the perfect watch size from the get-go. Trust me; there's nothing worse than meeting up with another watch enthusiast who takes one look at your watch's proportions and tells you your watch looks too big for you. 

With that in mind, if you have a small wrist, the best alternative is to balance out the watch’s size, flashiness, and band size to give you a well balanced look. Pulling this off can be difficult, but you'll get there with a little trial and error. 

The Watch Case Thickness 

The thickness of a watch case correlates a lot with its diameter. Years ago, when mechanical watches dominated the watch market, thinner cases were perceived to be of higher quality. However, that's no longer the case with modern-day watches. 

A general rule of thumb today is; as the case diameter increases, so do the watch case thickness and vice versa. To put this into perspective, if your watch has a diameter of 38mm to 42mm, the case thickness should be around 7mm. Most watches above 44mm in diameter could get a case thickness of up to 9mm. 

The Watch Face and Detailing

Depending on your pick, a watch's design and numerical scaling could impact the overall look. This simple feature determines whether your watch looks small or large. Pay attention to the numbers, the second hands and hours. 

Often, these components tend to grow in size and give off an illusion of a more oversized watch. This subtle difference on the watch's face can easily make or break your watch's proportion game. For instance, a 38mm watch with large numbers and details will likely look out of proportion. 

The Watch Band Width 

For your watch to appear well-proportioned, its band width must be about half the watch case diameter. In that, if your watch's face diameter is 40mm, the band width should be approximately 20mm. However, depending on your personal style preference, you can use a wider band width. 

Also, naturally, if you have smaller wrists, smaller band widths will look better on you. On the other hand, wider bands will look better on someone with larger wrists. This should also guide you when picking out bands for your watches later. 

Watch Band Material 

Leather bands have a way of giving you a slimmer look. On the other hand, a metal watchband, even the same size as a leather band, will always appear larger and heavier. For that reason, you need to pay attention to this, especially if you have a smaller wrist. 

Metal bands will give you an illusion of a larger and bulkier watch, while leather gives an illusion of a lighter and smaller watch. No wonder metal watch bands are the go-to choice for most men. You can shop the exclusive Duku and Co metal band collection here. 


In Summary 

Well, now there you have it- factors to consider to pick the perfect watch for your wrist. With that said, before picking up your next watch, start by knowing your wrist size. Compare it to your case diameter, thickness and overall details to ensure it's the right size for your wrist and appeals to your sense of style. 

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