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Spring Fashion Is Almost Here; This is What You Need to Know

Spring Fashion Is Almost Here; This is What You Need to Know

Despite the seasonal changes and ever-evolving fashion trends, the number one fashion rule is always to stick to what makes you feel comfortable and what you want. But! Yes, there is a 'but'! After seeing what established designers have presented as their 'spring collection,' our bank accounts are about to be in trouble. 

Just after Fashion Week made its rounds across the globe: London, New York, Paris, and Milan: we got so much inspiration for the spring collection. These pieces will provide comfort and freshness, allowing you to show off your charisma and move more freely.

Unfortunately, most people don't know how to combine and layer their clothes to make the most out of their spring wardrobe. You don't need to dress in an extravagant way to look good. Simplicity is, in fact, your best ally in enhancing your elegance and looking immaculate. 

Go Lighter, Not Brighter 

When it comes to building a polished spring wardrobe, it's always better to go lighter and not brighter. Go for softer tones such as gray, beige, blue, beige, and white. These colors will help you build a spring wardrobe that refreshes your outfits and matches the weather. 

Gone are the days when you had to wear leprechaun green or school bus yellow in spring to look colorful. Usually, a shade or two lighter in your neutrals gets the job done and looks more put together. 

Get Some Spring Friendly Fabrics 

In spring, there will be some occasional chilly nights. But still, those bulky wool coats, cable-knit sweaters, and thick cotton t-shirts will be overkill. Get fabrics that are more appropriate for spring. 

To help you out, look out for cotton, linen, and silk fabrics when shopping for season-appropriate clothes. Also, keep your eyes peeled for either unlined or partially lined fabrics, which allows the clothes to be more breathable as the weather gets warmer. 

Layer Your Outfits 

Since spring weather can be unpredictable, focus on layering your outfits to stay warmer on those chilly days. And besides the added warmth, layering gives your outfits more depth, helping you stand out. 

Layering is practical and unique, and there are certainly so many unique ways to make it happen. Also, the varying textures in your outfit will add contrast, so you don't have to worry about looking bulky or flat. 

Get Custom-Tailored Clothes

When styling your spring outfits, consider clothes that fit your body proportions properly. Wearing clothes that are too big or tight will make you look scruffy. All the elegance and grace in your outfit will be lost if your clothes are not correctly sized. 

With that said, make sure your spring outfits are custom-tailored. On top of that, consult an image consultant to find out what works best for your body type. 

Combine the Right Accessories 

To polish up your spring wardrobe, ensure you have the right accessories. And that comes down to your watch and belt. As the weather warms up, your wristwatch must also be switched up. A classic stainless steel watch with a white dial will blend well with your spring wardrobe. 

What's more, ensure your belt and shoe are the same color if you can. That helps preserve the harmony in your outfit. While these details may seem minute, they are precisely what instantly elevates your outfit.

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